Paintings×Contemporary dance [English]

Paintings×Contemporary dance

How this project”HUMAN STORY” started.

In April 2010 I had the chance to see a solo performance by the choreographer Airi Suzuki and felt completely enthralled and enraptured by her performance and felt by whole body drawn in and immersed within it.

I felt truly inspired and felt the birth of something spectacular with the idea of collaborating on a project together; sharing my images and her choreography.

Our conception in this collaboration was for dancers to perform based on images from the paintings. We choose the word perform rather than dance as the movement does not have a fixed particular rhythm; it is a movement of human personal expression.

“My goal is to create a performance that queries the connection and the relationship between one person and another person.

Why do we run?

Because we are in a hurry?

Because someone is chasing us?

Because we just want to advance?

Just because we need to run?
There are many reasons why we run and one can’t find their true self if they are concerned only with themselves.You can find yourself in the way you relate to another person.
So, one must never disregard their relationship with another person.

Within your relationship with another person exists your individuality.”

Airi Suzuki
“This performance will be very a significant expression of movement and internal feeling. You are here physically in this world, but perhaps you can’t feel your existence.

I would like to dedicate this work to a world which can sometimes demand too much.A world which has neither words nor borders.It is impossible to fully convey the meaning in words.
This work’s theme is the connection between society and art.

Art is not only a privilege of the artist; Art exists inside all people.”


The theme: HUMAN STORY

Scene one: “Human birth”
People are all born from the same tree and they walk alone to independence.

Scene two: “A human tower”
I don’t want to be controlled by society.I like to be free and I can live by myself..but please see me,listen to me and stay near me..

We will express these feelings and senses through paintings and contemporary dance.


We are going to hold a special preview performance of “HUMAN STORY” -Work in Progress- Paintings×Contemporary dance.

We will display two paintings 【”Human birth” & “A human tower”】 and we will express images through these paintings and contemporary dance.
The event is scheduled to run for 30-40 minutes and there will be a short talk afterwards for about 15 minutes

Choreographer:Airi Suzuki

Syoko Ota
Reiko Hamada
Mariko Kemmotsu
Yusuke Itoh

Sound designer
Yokotsuka Yuuya

Kotono Sakurai


Date:18th Nov 2010
Doors Open at 8pm
Show time 8:30pm~
The place: M Event Space & Bar in Daikanyama.

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